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Managing Director

Bright stars College for Girls invites you to join our vastly planned education facilities keeping abreast standards. This institution will help to outclass in academics and share that burden of ailing and deserving Humanity...



BS College for Girl's breathes life into contemporary learning, motivates girls to strive to accomplish their goals and celebrates their many talents. The College provides a high quality academic education with extensive co-curricular opportunities...




We do our best every day to achieve the vision by building up the learning environment in the college that promotes personal and intellectual exploration to turn out skilled, patriotic, and pioneering students who can meet the universal standards. Our vision is to contribute to the global community through the promotion of teaching, learning, and knowledge.

Goals and Objectives

1. To ensure that its students come away from their experience with knowledge and skill that will enable them to fulfill their personal and professional aspirations, interact productively with others.
2. To contribute meaningfully to society, and continue learning throughout individual lives.


Our purpose is to develop young women who are independent learners with the skills and attributes to tackle existing and future challenges, to make our community, our nation, and our world a better place. BS College and community work together to challenge and empower everyone to learn and achieve their personal best.

How to achieve them

We ensure that our team is the best in their fields, hardworking, motivated and sincere to our objectives. We ensure that our school environment and facilities are state of the art and conducive to a healthy learning environment and aligned to our objectives.

Be a Part of Us

Come join Us and Be a part of BS College so you can Empower the Women of the Society.

High Tech Campus

The campus of BS College is high in technology with all the latest equipment.

Secure Atmosphere

We assure you the safest and the most secure atmosphere of BS College that makes it suitable to join for each and every student of this college.

Fully Equipped Labs

The Labs at the BS College are fully equipped with complete solutions of Technology.