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About Us


Bright Stars College is a Project of Bright Stars educational network that is a welfare organization and aims to promote learning. This society has allocated generously millions of scholarships to educational projects for the development of the youth. It is functioning in collaboration with various experts, educationists, intellectuals, and scholars to play our part in building a strong nation. Our objective is to achieve milestones, to make history, to make all of us proud Pakistanis by bringing a positive, visible change in the lives of the country. Bright Stars College for Girls established in 2020 and housed near Convoy Checkpost Muralla Morr Jandanwala Kharian, which is a central educational hub for students. Efforts are going to equip the institution with modern facilities and starting new and essential Disciplines in the college. Thereby we can improve the education standards, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Parents were interested in the introduction of quality education and separate campus for females. So, they acquire education based on morality, Religion, Ethics, and Learning environment. Parents speak for the consciousness of the importance of female education in this area.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to develop young women who are independent learners with the skills and attributes to tackle existing and future challenges, to make our community, our nation, and our world a better place. BS College and community work together to challenge and empower everyone to learn and achieve their personal best. We are committed to excellence in education, innovative practice, and the concept of lifelong learning. We promote a just, participative, inclusive, and non-discriminatory community environment for females. We uphold the values of social justice, equality, respect for diversity, and care for the natural.
To be a forward-looking center for quality education where all the stakeholders have open opportunities for discourse and wisdom. To equip the student’s community with a range of practices to identify, create, and distribute knowledge and skills in their chosen stream, thereby infusing emotional investment in the shape of values. To shape the learners into future leaders and entrepreneurs in the diverse field and, above all, into good human beings.
We do our best every day to achieve the vision by building up the learning environment in the college that promotes personal and intellectual exploration to turn out skilled, patriotic, and pioneering students who can meet the universal standards. Our mission is to contribute to the global community through the promotion of teaching, learning, and knowledge. We promote individual’s contributions to society, provide up to date technology and facilities of global standards, and continuously improve the standard of teaching through innovative and effective teaching methodology.

Our Vision

“Women are The Real Architect of Society.”
Core Objectives

Achievement | Everyone is encouraged to achieve their personal best, through effort and persistence, and developing the capacity to learn independently (taking charge of your learning).
Respect | Through honesty, empathy, kindness, and consideration for others, and celebration of diversity, we build respectful relationships.
Responsibility | Personal accountability for learning and behavior will promote, encouraging everyone to make a positive contribution to our local and global community and our environment.

Goals and Values

  1. To ensure that its students come away from their experience with knowledge and skill that will enable them to fulfill their personal and professional aspirations, interact productively with others.
  2. To contribute meaningfully to society, and continue learning throughout individual lives.
  3. To acquire knowledge of cultures, religion, science, the arts, history, and computational reasoning and specialized knowledge and skills from within a specific discipline or field.
  4. To articulate their own Islamic beliefs and convictions, as well as other theories, about what it means to be human and to create a just society.